Commercial Removals

Commercial Removals

About our Commercial Removals

Commercial removals can seem daunting, especially if your responsibility is to make sure that the business is unaffected afterwards. Moving office furniture, files, IT equipment and staff to new premises can be complicated. Barans Removals started in the removals industry in 1978, for over 40 years we have been moving offices. We provide a fully bespoke service to undertake even the largest of offices, moving around the corner or around the world.

Our staff have many years of experience of packing, dismantling and moving anything in an office that is required. Each commercial removals is assigned a team leader, whose primary role is to plan every detail and guide his team through the removal and be your main point of contact during your relocation. You can be confident that everything will get to your new office as it was before being collected. At Barans Removals we make moving office as easy as possible. We are able to undertake all parts of your commercial removals on your behalf, these include:

Project Management

Should you wish for us to manage all aspects of your commercial removals, to allow you to leave one day and arrive back at work, setup ready to go the next, then ask us about this service. We can manage your business move from start to finish. Our aim is to ensure that even the most complex business relocation is completed on-time

Crate Hire

We are happy to supply secure, sealed plastic crates for you and your staff to pre-pack everything in your office from files, stationary, archives and computers safely into these robust crates ready to be moved to your new office.

Packing Services

We are happy to pack and prepare everything for you, to make your move as easy as possible. Read more about our packing services.

Storage Services

If you have a delay between departing one office and moving into the next, then please ask us to quote you for storage for the time in between collection and delivery. Read more about our storage services.


Are you moving archives that are in specific order? Barans Removals have undertaken the packing and moving of libraries, churches, council offices and other organisations that require precise ordering of their records, we are also happy to provide archive storage for any long term documents that you may have.

FAQ for our Commercial Removals

Is it worth using a moving company to do my Commercial removals?

Any move, even a small office with only a couple of employees will take a lot of planning, preparation and hard work, we specialize in this, so large or small, call us to discuss your requirements.

Our business is very unusual, do you provide specialist services?

Moving many kinds of businesses or institutions calls for specialist expertise and skills outside of the usual scope. We offer a wide range of appropriate services. We have the expertise to deal with any specific requirements you may need.

By combining knowledge of the European laws with local information and years of overseas experience, we have managed to remain as reliable in Europe as we are in the UK, and have built up a good reputation for being the removal company for European removals.

How does a commercial removals schedule usually go?

General schedule for a large office relocation removal

  • Pre-move: Delivery of crates, usually 5 days prior to commencement of moving
  • DAY 1: Packing and preparing from your current office to make sure everything is ready for the move
  • DAY 2: Collection of furniture and contents from your current office
  • DAY 3: Delivery into your new office and set up of equipment ready to be installed
  • DAY 4: Unpacking of archives and paperwork, ready for you to start working again
  • After move: Collection of crates, usually 5 days after the move is finished.
General Schedule for a small office relocation

  • Pre-move: Delivery of crates, usually 3 days prior to commencement of moving
  • DAY 1: Collection of furniture and crates in the morning, delivery in the afternoon
  • DAY 2: Collection of crates, usually 3 days after delivery

We are always here to help should you have any questions regarding your commercial removals, so please call us or email us.

How much do Commercial Removals cost?

There are many factors that influence the price of office removals so making a general estimate can be difficult. Some of these factors can include:

  • Volume: The quantity of belongings you have to move
  • Speed: Mode of transport and whether dedicated or part load
  • Distance: The distance between your current office and new office
  • Access: How easy the access is at both properties
  • Flexibility: How quickly you need the delivery and how flexible you can be with your move dates
  • Other services: If any extra removal services are required eg. packing
  • Special care items: If there any any special items that require extra care and protection
  • Special handling items: If there are any large or fragile items, requiring special equipment or methods

The best way to get more information about your commercial removals is to get in touch with us. Barans is one for the best removal companies to move your office and we offer a first-rate service at a reasonable price.

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