European Removals

European Removals

About our European Removals

Are you relocating to Europe for a warmer climate? For work? Or do you have a holiday home that you need to send a few boxes to? Barans Removals can help you with your European Removals. We started in the removals industry in 1978 and have spent over 40 years moving people around the UK and Europe safely and securely. Our drivers have years of experience driving on the continent and are always on hand to assist with your move. We have access to weekly departures leaving the UK to every European country so you’ll be able to get your move done when you want. We offer the following European removals options:

Dedicated (Full load service)

Our dedicated removal service is offered for either large removals or time sensitive schedules. We are happy to supply a small van that can get to places quickly, or a large lorry that can accommodate the largest of houses.

You pay for sole use of the vehicle and staff, they will only be collecting and delivering for you on their trip. This gives you full control (as far as is possible) over the collection and delivery dates of your belongings. Once packing and loading has been completed, your team will drive directly to your new home and unload.

Part Load (Groupage Service)

Our part load service is the most cost effective solution for European removals. Despite not being a dedicated service, this package still allows you a reasonable amount of flexibility around the collection and delivery of your belongings.

Your belongings will be loaded onto one of our lorries along with other customers items that are being delivered to the same, or geographically close, destination as yours. Delivery is then scheduled based on the route we are taking and where the other deliveries will take place.

Packing Services

We are happy to pack and prepare everything for you, to make your move as easy as possible. Read more about our packing services.

Storage Services

If you have a delay between the sale of your home in the UK and purchase of your home in Europe, then please ask us to quote you for storage for the time in between collection and delivery. Read more about our storage services.

Car Transport

A lot of customers, do not look forward to driving themselves as it can be thousands of miles and a few nights trying to find somewhere to sleep, we are happy to quote for cars, motorbikes and any other vehicles you may be wanting to transport as part of your European Removals.

FAQ for our European Removals

Is it worth using a moving company to do my European removals?

In just one word, definitely. We have the knowledge and expertise to safely and efficiently move your belongings to any country in Europe. We have years of knowledge dealing with ferries, tolls, parking and have access to a lot of local infrastructure throughout Europe should it be needed.

What European countires do you go to the most?

We specialise in relocating people to and from France, Spain and Portugal and often have weekly loads going to and from all three destinations combined into one lorry.

By combining knowledge of the European laws with local information and years of overseas experience, we have managed to remain as reliable in Europe as we are in the UK, and have built up a good reputation for being the removal company for European removals.

How does a European removal schedule usually go?

General Schedule for a Dedicated Removal

  • DAY 1: Packing and collection from your UK address
  • DAY 2-4: Depart the UK and travel to your destination. Driving times will vary depending on distance.
  • DAY 5: Commence unloading and unpacking if required
General Schedule for Groupage Service

  • DAY 1: Packing and collection from your UK address
  • DAYS 2-10: Consolidating with other customers and travelling to your destination
  • DAY 11: Delivery and unpacking if required

We are always here to help should you have any questions regarding your European removals, so please call us or email us.

How much do European Removals cost?

There are many factors that influence the price of removals to Europe so making a general estimate can be difficult. Some of these factors can include:

  • Volume: The quantity of belongings you have to move
  • Speed: Mode of transport and whether dedicated or part load
  • Distance: The distance between your current home and your property in Europe
  • Access: How easy the access is at both properties
  • Flexibility: How quickly you need the delivery and how flexible you can be with your move dates
  • Other services: If any extra removal services are required eg. packing
  • Special care items: If there any any special items that require extra care and protection
  • Special handling items: If there are any large or fragile items, requiring special equipment or methods
  • Any additional moving costs: Such as import duties/taxes if you are taking any new items you've not owned for 12 months or are not eligible for duty-free import, or container inspection charges if you are randomly selected.

The best way to get more information about your European removals is to get in touch with us. Barans is one for the best removal companies to move you to Europe and we offer a first-rate service at a reasonable price.

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